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Atmospheric Fourier Station in Kourovka Astronomical Observatory (Ural State University)

A way to observatory

Fourier transform observatory is part of the Kourovka astronomical observatory which is located in the forest near 57.038N and 59.545E at approximately 300 m above the sea level. This place is located 80 km north-west from Yekaterinburg in the region distant from any industrial discharges.

Postal address:
Kourovka astronomical observatory,
Sloboda village, Pervouralsk district,
Sverdlovsk region, 623132, Russia

A tourist centre "Chusovaya" is located in the vicinity of the Kourovka astronomical observatory.


USU Atmospheric Fourier station is equipped with Bruker IFS125M spectrometer with A547N solar tracker. Some specifications are below:
Spectral range 420 - 25000 cm-1 (0.4 - 24 microns)
Resolution 0.0035 cm-1
Interface to host computer Ethernet connection with TCP/IP
Tracking accuracy 2 min of arc


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