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FIRE-ARMS (Fine InfraRed Explorer for Atmospheric Remote Measurements) is user-friendly software developed for various tasks of remote atmospheric sensing in infrared range of wavenumbers. This software is intended for the following tasks:

- simulation of IR atmospheric radiance and transmittance for nadir, zenith, slant path and limb observations at high (line-by-line) spectral resolution;

- simulation of spectra obtained by Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) with various types of instrumental line shape function (ILS);

- retrieval of vertical profiles of atmospheric parameters and total column amounts of atmospheric constituents from high resolution IR spectra obtained by FTS based on the satellites, aircraft platforms or on the ground;

- weighting function calculations for evaluation of profile retrieval ability of FTS with the given parameters;

- search and identification of spectral features belonging to given atmospheric constituents.

FIRE-ARMS is distributed as executable user-friendly shareware for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and as free open FORTRAN code for Linux with database.

Both versions accounts vertical profiles of isotopomers. New package for Windows contains a model of Martian atmosphere.


SpPlots is simple program for Windows intended for viewng, comparing, and integrating spectra. Download SpPlots.
Main Persons References Software FIRE-ARMS for Win32 FIRE-ARMS for Linux