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FIRE-ARMS for Windows is an executable software with user friendly interface. Context sensitive help system and documentation in electronic format are included into the software package. The main features of FIRE-ARMS for Windows are:

- graphical presentation of all types of spectra, atmospheric profiles and weighting functions;
- easy user-friendly generation of new user's atmospheric models with any altitude mesh;
- easy choice of isotopomers set for calculations;
- easy construction of target function for mean least squares method for profile retrieval;
- text and binary Matlab formats for user's covariance matrices;
- account of isotopomer profiles given in per mils.

Software and hardware requirements:
- Pentium-II with 128 Mb of memory or better;
- 20 Mb of disk space;
- Windows XP and newer versions;
- HITRAN-96/2000/2004 main database file of HITRAN with 100 or 160 char records.

Current version of FIRE-ARMS containes options for look-up table creation and utilization for faster calculations (up to 10 times faster!). Maximum size of single look-up table is 2 Gb. The number of spectral points in this version is constrained by computer RAM only. New more accurate table approximation of partition sums is built into FIRE-ARMS instead polynomial approximation in previous version.

A new option is appended to FIRE-ARMS. Spectral densities and total fluxes may be calculated for enthropy and free energy of the emitted radiation at the top of the atmosphere. This option is supported by RFBR grant No. 07-07-00269-a.

Download FIRE-ARMS (3.2 Mb)

Download User's guide (PDF).

Main Persons References Software FIRE-ARMS for Win32 FIRE-ARMS for Linux